Dance At the Arts Academy

The Arts Academy is a Music and Dance School based at City Impact Church on the North Shore of Auckland, offering excellent tuition for students ages 3 and over.

Our mission is to honour God and to bring His creativity to life in our classes. All classes are taught by passionate and experienced instructors who strive to create a positive learning environment for all of our students, where they can grow and develop in their God-given talents and giftings. We offer a variety of classes in dance, including ballet, classical and contemporary genres. We’re dedicated to helping our students reach their full potential and to creating an environment where they can be confident in who they are.
Let them praise His name with dancing, accompanied by tambourine and harp.
Psalm 149:3

3+ Years

Hip Hop

This is a high energy class that equips and inspires students to learn new skills set to upbeat music. Students learn to choreograph, work in groups and perform dance sequences. Rhythm and vibrancy are fundamentals in these classes, as they combine style, music, and cutting-edge choreography. Students are introduced to both new and traditional street styles.
Our Hip Hop uniform can be found here.

3+ Years


Ballet is an important base for most dance disciplines. Students follow the New Zealand Association of Modern Dance Syllabus (NZAMD) which is designed to progressively challenge all students from beginners to advanced and has been created with today’s dancer in mind. With the option of sitting exams, our ballerinas learn to move with poise and grace while mastering their posture.

Our Ballet uniform can be purchased through Lizzy Love.

8+ Years


Contemporary dance is a fusion of Ballet, Modern & Jazz and is about expressing emotion through dance. Movements of lyrical contemporary dance are characterized by their fluidity and grace. Contemporary dance challenges the dancer to move in a new, unconventional way. Contemporary dance stresses versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet. Contemporary dancers focus on floorwork, using gravity to pull them down to the floor.

5+ Years

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is an exciting style that includes theatrical, Broadway-style dancing. This leads to an emphasis on performance and expression. Our Musical Theatre students experience dance in a fun, vibrant atmosphere, and they are equipped with diverse choreography (from Hip Hop to Classical), polished stage presence and ever-increasing confidence. Classes incorporate music from shows the students love!

Our Teachers

At the Arts Academy, our team are passionate about teaching the arts.

With a wealth of experience, skills, and a contagious enthusiasm, each teacher offers invaluable training for every facet of their art, while creating an encouraging and inspirational environment for their students to excel and realise their dreams.

Meggan Tait

Meggan started her dance career at the Royal Academy of Dance, training in Classical Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, and Tap. There she completed her Advanced Classical Ballet Examination, achieving Honours and also receiving her dance education award. Meggan has performed in a great number of major productions throughout her career and has also danced as part of the South African Ballet Company. She then went on to open a dance studio in South Africa which led to the opening of “the Meggan Botha School of Dance” in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Meggan is now a registered teacher with the NZAMD and brings a wealth of experience to the Arts Academy.

Class Timetable

Musical Theatre


Junior Musical Theatre Group 1                                          3pm (30min)
Junior Musical Theatre Group 2                                         3.30pm (30min)
Musical Theatre 1                                                                4pm (1hr)
Musical Theatre 2                                                               5pm (1hr)


Advanced Ballet                            7pm (1hr)


Pre School Ballet                          2.15pm (30min)
Pre Elementary Ballet                   5.45pm (1hr)
Senior Strengthening                   6.45pm (45min)
Performance Ballet                       7.45pm (1hr 15min)


ECE Pre Grade 1                            2.15pm (30min)
Grade 3 Ballet                               3pm (45min)
Advanced Ballet                            6.30pm (1hr)


ECE Ballet                                      1.30pm (30min)
Pre School Ballet Pre Grade 1       2.15pm (30min)
Pre Grade 3 Ballet                         3pm (45min)
Grade 1 Ballet                               3.45pm (45min)
Grade 2 Ballet                               4.30pm (1hr)
Grade 4 Ballet                               5.30pm (1hr)
Elementary Ballet                          6.30pm (1hr)
Performance Ballet                        7.45pm (1hr 15min)


Pre Grade 2 Ballet                         3.45pm (45min)
Grade 5 Ballet                               4.30pm (1hr)
Pre Elementary Ballet                    5.30pm (1hr)


Our Ballet uniform can be purchased through Lizzy Love
Hip Hop


Level 7 Hip Hop                       6pm (1hr)
Performance Hip Hop              8pm (1hr)


Pre School Hip Hop                 1.30pm (30min)
Level 1 Hip Hop                       3.30pm (30min)
Level 5 Hip Hop                       4pm (45min)
Level 6 Hip Hop                       4.45pm (1hr)


ECE Hip Hop                            1.30pm (30min)

Our Hip Hop uniform can be found here.


Level 2 Contemporary                 3.45pm (45min)
Level 4 Contemporary                 4.30pm (1hr)
Open Snr Contemporary             5.30pm (1hr)

Class Enquiry

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